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It's finally possible to find crypto's true value. Transform your crypto investment strategy with DanteHQ's fundamental data, analysis, and research.

Beyond technical analysis

Invest on real metrics and KPIs

Technical analysis and FOMO should not be the only way to invest in crypto. DanteHQ combines on-chain and off-chain data to help you unlock fundamental analysis for crypto.

With accurate and up-to-date metrics, you can gauge the intrinsic value of any crypto asset and discover hidden opportunities.

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Why DanteHQ

A unified suite of fundamental data and research

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Tailored to each dapp

Each crypto project and dapp is different, in business model, competitive position, and user base. On DanteHQ, you get access to a curated suite of fundamental metrics that are specific to each crypto project.

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Accurate and unbiased

We independently collect, clean, and transform data from on-chain and off-chain sources to ensure the best data quality possible. Our datasets include historical and real-time data.

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We are constantly adding more metrics, projects, chains, and data sources to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.

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Easy to use

Crypto is technical and always changing. We know the pain. We put great effort into documentation, research articles, and explainers. Or you can just ping us with all your data questions.

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